Making your little feel little

Oh, look! New spark of inspiration!! Taking advantage of it while I can. Here we go…

A reader emailed me a while back and as I was writing back, I came up on the topic of regression techniques. This has always piqued me, simply because our behaviour in general (outside of ABDL/ageplay) can be triggered so simply by words, even things like intonation and body gestures, and I have always been personally fascinated by such psychology. That sometimes it’s not so much on what you have on you, but what you do and what you say. And that fascinates me because it shows how much of our behaviour (especially regression, for me) is so much on mindset and variables playing to which to get you into that headspace.

I have the inclination of switching so when I take on the other role,  so I’ve been told that I have this knack of being able to put someone in their headspace well. And for a while I was trying to figure out what it is exactly, and still I don’t think I’m doing anything particularly outstanding, I think it’s because I know exactly what I want to be said to as a little, that makes me confident on what to say as a big. Simply to put yourself into a little’s shoes. And as your job goes for taking care of that little during the scene, you also play a huge role in the little’s perception of themself, too! I cannot empathize the importance of discussing before hand what your little is comfortable with and what she isn’t; also what your little may view as infantile/babyish may be vastly different from someone else so please discuss that too!

Things you can do to make your little feel littler:

1.  Removing privileges that aren’t age-appropriate to your little’s indicated age, and inserting things that are. EG: potty for toddlers, diapers for babies, diapers for toddlers who have trouble toilet training, pacifiers, age appropriate toys.

2. Emphasis on gender or how your little identifies. In this case if your little identifies as a little girl while regressed, she may want to have certain items that a little girl may have (Dresses, dolls, cooking toys, this may vary from person to person****) For me, I like going all out and being very girly – pink dresses, ribbons and bows, this makes me feel more in my regressed character.

3. Language and actions. Babytalk, little talk, cooing, forcefully taking your little to her time out corner by the hand, tickling… Try telling your little that she’s not allowed do big girl/adult things because of ____(eg:”You’re too little to use the potty, you need to stay in diapers because you’re still a little baby”) It even made me a little pink to type this out..

The possibilities are endless. Go for it! Daddies, what do you do to make your littles feel little? Littles, what would you want your daddy to do to make you feel little? Let me know in the comments below!



***** I don’t want to bring up the gender toy discussion here – this is speaking from my experience. PLEASE communicate with your little when before a scene on what she feels resonates with her idea of being little/gender!

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It’s been a while…

Howdy! (Not very little girl thing to say, innit..)

Wow.. I just had a look at our pageviews… We’ve hit 31k views for all time. That’s really nice. And we average out on a day to day basis pretty well. Thank you all. It means a lot that you bother to read our ramblings.

I’ve been well, on and off – big girl life has kept me extremely busy. I’ve been having the usual tangle with myself over my involvement with ABDL, but I’ve been managing it out quite well, and I’ll be still be around for a while, not to worry.

I have to announce that Lara has departed from the ABDL scene for a while (and It’s looking to be quite a while, if not forever) so it’ll be just me and you guys for now. I’ll be updating while I can but… Not sure what you guys want me to write on?! Please leave all suggestions in the comments!!

I’ve just been watching The 15-Stone Babies documentary on Youtube and I personally thought it was very well done. Maxine and Derek’s relationship is beautiful and they really have a good understanding of each other, which is what every intimate relationship should have. You can find their nursery here. The docu was shot and edited really well – kudos to all involved, especially the TV team. Clearly, British documentaries are better. 😉 Also, Derek looks like a very good daddy – I’m thinking about paying him a visit already!!! Hmmm..

This is part one of the doc – let me know what you think!


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Story Time: Little Girls Depend On Things Like That

So, if you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’d know that I wrote a post on non-sexuality in my ageplay interactions here, and my want for it. This story that I’ve posted below, ahem, unfortunately has some sexual contact in it that contradicts everything I’ve said. However, I firmly stick by the notion that it is my first and absolute priority in my relationships and play, but if such things happen with the right people at the right time.. why not? I still hate the feeling of sexuality all the time in my play, though.

I’ve never really posted my stories online before, so this is a bit nerve-wracking. Something quick that I wrote tonight, felt inspired. This one’s for all of the little girls and daddies out there. 🙂 Let me know in the comments if you liked it and if you want more!


PS: You can follow us on Twitter now! We’re on at @hollyandlara. We don’t know if we’re gonna tweet very much, but you can certainly get updated on our new posts from there if you like!

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A lil update

I apologize for the deadness of our blog. Holly and I have been consumed by school, but besides that, as of late our social (abdl) life hasn’t had much happening either.

I figured I’ll just post something I’ve written a while back to keep this blog going, it has a different pace from my earlier story, I hope you guys like it.


She opened the door to their house, feeling utterly defeated from the rough day she had at school. Dropping her bags loudly with a thud on the carpeted floor, while making her way to the living room and plopped herself down onto the sofa, sinking her body lower as she heaved a sigh.

He swivels his chair around from the study desk and raised his eyebrows at the frail figure who seem to be sliding off the sofa by the minute. Not saying a word, he got up and walked towards her, she was so zoned out that she barely noticed anything besides the aching sensation in her shoulders from carrying too much stuff.

He sat down on the sofa on the opposite end of where she was. He picked her up swiftly and sat her on his lap, leaning back. She gasped as she felt her feet being lifted off the ground and a look of confusion ran cross her face for a split second before he sat her down on his lap. “Oh” she mumbled as she found herself leaning on his chest at the end of it.

“Rough day huh?”, he looks down at her curiously with his hands folded behind his head. She could only nod and buries her head closer to his chest. He removes one hand from behind and runs it down underneath the plaid blue skirt she was wearing and slipped two fingers into the diaper he had put her in, earlier this morning before getting her dressed for class. It was still dry. It shouldn’t be.

He looks at her with a look of worry now, “Baby, you’re still dry, had you had anything to drink today?”. “Umm” shrugging her shoulders with her eyes closed, she mumbled “I don’t know, i dont remember, maybe a glass of ice tea?” His eyebrows furrowed in frustration, he knew his little girl always forgets to take care of herself when she gets too overwhelmed with work. Reaching out, he grabbed Ace who was on the arm chair just beside him, he placed the cherished stuff dog in her arms and slowly eased himself out underneath her, “i’ll be right back”.

He walked straight into the kitchen opened the fridge, pulled out a carton of milk, poured it into a kettle and set it to boil. While waiting for it, he opened the cardboards above and pulled out a baby’s bottle, pouring the warm milk into it before screwing the tip on.

He found her curled up into a fetal position when he got back to the living room and smiled, he pulled her gently into his arms and nudged the bottle into her lips. She groggily opened her eyes and looked at him and at the bottle that’s in front of her and begin to drink from it. One of the rules was when given a bottle she had to finish it regardless. She felt him stroking her hair as she drank greedily, she didn’t realized how dehydrated and thirsty she was till now.

His free hand moved slowly down to the white blouse she was wearing and begin to rub at one of her nipples. She whined as she felt him doing it. Ignoring her, he unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse and ran a finger over her left nipple pinching in a little. She squirmed in his lap while he teased her and looked up him a little frustrated, seeing her expression he grinned and begin to tease her even more.

She soon polished off and bottle and looked at him, “Daddy, what’re you doing?” “Mmm, just checking my little girl” he replied while rubbing her nipples with both of his hands now. She let out a whine as she wriggled around from pleasure while he had his way with her. Slowly she felt a strain on her bladder and started to get up, he pulled her back when he realized what she was doing, “Going somewhere?” “Mmm I have got to go potty daddy” she said in her little girl voice. “Mmhmm, did you ask daddy? did he say yes?” he gave her a light smack on her diapered bottom as he questioned her. She shook her head quickly and asked if she could go potty.

He straddled her as she asked, pinning her hands at the top of her head, while leaning his face down to her tits, “I’m not done with the checkup yet baby, so you just gotta hold on and show daddy you can be a big girl.”. He leaned down and licked her nipple taking it in his mouth, she writhed as he teased her, trying her hardest at the same time to hold it in but she really had to go. He trailed wet kisses down her to her abdomen and up again, lavishing attention to her breasts, coming up for a kiss once in a while. She felt a little pee leaked into the diaper, slowly streaming out before her bladder gave in and pee gushed out. She gasped as she felt it and looked at him pouting when she was done. He grinned and kissed her on the lips before sweeping her up in his arms and carrying her to the bedroom.

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Of non-sexuality

This entry contains solely the view of me, Holly, and not the both of us (definitely not Lara..) and does not necessarily reflect the views of members of the ageplay community. I do not mean to insult or belittle the wants of others, but writing this I discuss my own thoughts and feelings.

All the content on this site is solely to do with age play and AB/DL and is done with consenting adults. No real children/babies are involved or insinuated and  this site does NOT, and will NOT, have ANYTHING to do with minors under the legal consenting age.

More often than not, I feel like a black sheep when I discuss my need for strictly non-sexual elements in ABDL play, especially daddy and little girl.

Me: “I’d give up sex. Sex over being having daddy to take care of me as a little girl.”
Lara: “You’re crazy and I’m calling you bullshit.”

Okay, not really, but I just might if I had a gun pointed to my head.

Before I get written off as a crazy prude, I have to admit, I do love sex. I love good, bone shaking orgasms, and I love intimate contact with both men and women. And yes, other fetishes as well – bondage and handcuffs and humiliation and many other things. And I’m still looking to explore. That’s me being a big girl, a grown bisexual genderqueer adult.. But between being me as a little girl, I don’t want that.

Innocence. When I am a little girl with her daddy, I don’t want to have to deal with adult things, I want to just be young and carefree. I don’t want to have to go into a room and be chained up while a daddydom is making me suck their ‘baby bottle’ and swallow all of the liquid. It’s just not me. I’d prefer to be an innocent child with no sexual innuendos involved in the process. Just being little and having a really nice, relaxing, stress-free time. And it’s really just me, but – I feel dirty. I’d like to have a chance to be a child again, to rewrite my own traumatising childhood*** with better memories – and having to give a blowjob is not something you’d make a child do. In that case, it’s me pretending to be a child.

But the question always really comes up – then how does it classify as a fetish? Does my activity in such an reflect my subconscious desires, that I do have a sexual need that underlies under all of it?

The question is, I still don’t know. And I struggle with it frequently. I would say a large amount of the people I’ve come across involved in this activity involve sexual elements in their play, which has prevented me from playing with a lot of people when I’m solely wanting to play as little girl.

Does this make sense? That I admit to being extremely emotionally needy. That I just want a shot at a past that I’ve never had. I’ve been purging for a very long time.. Almost a year.. since my last break up. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s had some benefits which allow me to think about what I really want in my life at the moment, and that’s just to really find someone nice, loving and caring to curl up into and look after me, and protect me without sexual aspect of it.. and sticking to that ideal in my life hasn’t been easy, either. And I know this is a very bad generalization.. but most of the daddies that I’ve come across have sexual needs that they would like to fulfill in that area. It’s not wrong, but it severely limits who I can play with. And sometimes, I don’t blame them for not wanting a little girl who’s non-sexual about it, because if you really think about it in that aspect.. who would really want to look after a little girl who’s not interested in the sexual element?

So without the sexual element, does that still make me into this fetish? Or does that make me an adult who just wants to be a baby again? Where and how are these lines drawn?

Sigh. I sound so jaded. I guess I am. Maybe I’ll change this feeling in a while.

***I do absolutely nothing for the social stigma that ALL AB/DLs have had bad childhood pasts and that’s why they’re that way. Yes, I did have a horrible childhood and now I spend my adult life trying to recreate what I didn’t have. (Oh, you can smell the bitterness from a mile away..)


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Closeness (A poem and a longing)

A soft kiss
A sweet whisper.
A brush of your rough fingers against my face.
Tilting my chin, staring right into my eyes.
The corners of your mouth raises and you pull me close.
Embracing me tightly against your body.
Warm, Cold. I shivered at the contrast in temperatures.
I was always cold, and alone. You were.. warm. giving. loving.
Everything I never had, never dared thought of, because I knew,
I was undeserving.
You held me fiercely, refusing to let go.
I laid my head blissfully against your chest,
content to be right here, right now,
next to your heartbeat.
Hearing it.. feels like a testament of how real this is.
How real you are.
I closed my eyes and deeply inhaled your scent
— the scent that always comforts me
because I know you’re here beside me no matter what.
Musk, woody, vanilla scented.
I couldn’t explain it.
It was manly yet with a hint of softness.
Just like the way you are.
Strong, dominant yet gentle when I’m at my most vulnerable.
I could lay here forever, and just forget the world.
As long as it’s with you.
Sometimes…, I just want to be held.
(by a man that I’m not even sure exists.)

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Random thoughts

On my way to work today, I walked past a middle aged fella. He was scruffy around the chin and arms, Caucasian, blond haired and blue eyed, and leaning against a pole. As I approached him, I met his eyes briefly with the most peculiar look on his face, before I looked away. (Not sure why he had that look on his face.) Within the 5 meter radius that I walked toward and away from him, I managed to sneak in what it would be like if he were my Daddydom.

I could actually see it, he was.. the type. You know? We all have our ‘types’ of partners that we prefer and he kind of fell into that category for me. So much so that as I walked away, I had to do a double take over my shoulder…

So for that brief few moments, it was nice. Wistful. I hope I’m not looking or getting too desperate… Any of you can relate?



(PS: I am well aware that I’ve been contributing much less than Lara, but I’ve had a awful lot of issues going on in my adult life lately and simply do not/prefer not to deal with ABDL too much right now)

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