Where do we begin

It’s ultimately pretty cheesy to have a opening post, but I think we need one.

I can speak for Lara when I say that the two of us are pretty sick of having to sift through countless ABDL sites to find no Little girl – Daddy content to read or identify with. Maybe we’re not looking hard enough, but it is a well known fact that the ratio of women in the ABDL scene is already drastically lesser than men. And when we do find some, it’s not much, and may or may not involve the woman dignified as the sexual attraction for the male audience. Not that it’s a bad thing – but it has it’s place.

What do we like about being a little girl? It’s the ability to lie back and let Daddy change your wet diaper in the morning ever so tenderly. It’s the ability to feel the warmth rushing through your body as you curl up in Daddy’s lap as he feeds you. For some of us, it’s being protected  It’s the ability to feel safe from every danger as Daddy is standing in front of you, protecting you from everything that could possibly harm his beautiful, perfect little girl.

Daddies, have a insight to what could possibly be going on in your little girl’s mind. Little girls, let us know if you feel the same ways too 🙂

Hugs and kisses,

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4 Responses to Where do we begin

  1. Corrine says:

    While it is true that LG sites (without a sexual side) are few and far between, there are some. They are just rare. Sometimes when I find myself scouring the internet, there will be a couple.

    Unfortunately, it is true that most ABDL sites don’t apply to us little girls, and this is one reason why I hope you two choose to update this blog on occasion.

    • Lara says:

      Yes definitely, I’d say our favorite (speaking on behalf of holly as well) would probably be the old Daddy’s girl. It’s just so hard to find good specific LG/Daddy sites.

      We apologize for neglecting this blog, but we’ll definitely try to keep writing. Things just hasn’t been happening much with Holly & I. I guess you could say we are in sort of in a dry spell.

  2. Baby Nicole says:

    I feel the same as you :)my feelings are a lot like hollies . It’s not very sexual for me it’s something deeper . I feel like I had my childhood taken

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