Little girls and trust

Trust, one little word that goes a long way.

Even though little girls and their daddies have a sub and dom relationship, but I feel like I cannot be owned or claimed. For a D/LG relationship to feel real, I have to give myself completely to my daddy dom. I have to be able to trust him that whatever choices he make, it would be for my own good. That he is forever putting the welfare of his little girl before anything else. Despite that fact that it may not seem that way to me at that time. I have to give myself completely to my daddy, out of my own will for it to be real.

Little girls are (extremely) vulnerable, emotional, insecure, sensitive and a little tad irrational at times (I suppose in a way how we’d throw a big tantrum over nap time :p Just because we want to feel like big girls and stay up with daddy) and we need a dom, a daddy dom who is tuned into those feelings and know how to deal with them. We can’t just give ourselves like it is in a bdsm sub/dom relationship, it doesn’t work that way. Bonds have to be formed, like in any other relationship, but in me and Holly’s case, it has to be a deeper bond.

We have to open up ourselves, tear down every god damn wall that we have built around us through out the years in an attempt to block out all the bad, harmful things and people that may harm us in the real world. I say real world because whenever I regress, I am still me. I know the world hasn’t changed but in that moment that I am little, and daddy’s with me. The world feel like a much much safer place with lesser worries. My walls are invisible when I am with my daddy, they felt like they have never been there in the first place at all and that makes me smile because I know the only reason why I am feeling this way is because I trust him. Completely, 100% to be able to feel that safe. To be able to give myself entirely, and trust him not to break me.


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