A Change

‘Nooooo!’ I shouted defiantly and crossed my arms as you had just told me that I was going to be put back in diapers for the unforeseeable future until I could prove myself as big girl.

‘I don’t want to wear them, I’m a big girl’ I stated, making my case. I knew I was being a brat but I didn’t care. I really didn’t want to be regressed from pull ups to diapers, it wasn’t fair.

Daddy easily towered over my 5’1 frame as he stood in front of me, while I was throwing my tantrum.
‘Oh really? Big girls don’t go pee pee in their little girl panties (pull ups) and wet daddy’s laps do they?’ daddy placed his hand on the front of my soaked pull up and pressed it against me, holding it there as though the shame of it hanging flimpsly off my waist wasn’t enough. The cold and clammy pull ups was pressed tightly against my pussy making me squirm. I looked at him then at the wet patch on his jeans.

I hung my head in shame, staring at my feet, unable to do anything but pout. I knew deep down what Daddy said was true but still, ‘…. it was an accident… I didn’t mean it’ I whined.

He let out a sigh as he saw me lower my head, breaking the strong eye contract I had earlier. He gently cupped my chin and tilted it so I was looking straight into his eyes as he spoke, ‘Shhhhs, I know baby, it’s okay. Let’s get you cleaned up alright?’. He planted a kiss on my forehead before scoping me up in his arms and made his way upstairs to our bedroom.

Daddy opened the door and laid me down on our bed, before turning around to the dresser.. my little girl dresser where he kept all of my supplies. I bit my bottom lip as I looked at his back, wondering what sort of punishment I’d be in for throwing that tantrum earlier on, on top of the accident.

As daddy placed the supplies down, i briefly caught a glimpse of a bambino diaper and changing supplies. He grabbed my ankles and lifted my bottom off the bed as he slide the changing mat underneath me. ‘Rippppp’, off came the soaked pull up as he tore them away at the sides. I looked down as he did, ashamed that I was the one who put myself in a such a situation. If only I had remember to go potty before we started the movie… I do remember vaguely daddy asking me if I had to go but I told him I didn’t. I was kicking myself mentally at that moment.

While I was caught up in my train of thoughts, daddy had already wiped me clean, powdered me throughly and was just taping up the last tape of my diaper snugly around my waist. ‘All done sweetie’ he said as he pulled me up. I sat on the bed, staring at my infantile underwear, feeling odd as it felt different from what it usually feels like. I looked at daddy puzzled, he smiled as he saw the look on my face.

‘I added a booster pad in your diaper so it would hold more, after the last accident, daddy doesn’t want any more wet pants. I’m running out jeans to wear thanks to a certain little girl.’ He teased, reminding me of what happened earlier. I pouted, a little upset that I didn’t notice him putting it in or I could have stopped him, the diaper puffed out from between my legs forcing them open. I swear I couldn’t have closed them no matter how hard I tried. I whined unhappy at the state I was in, it made me feel really little. Daddy leaned down and hugged me, whispering in my ear that it was going to be okay and that he still loves me whether if I was big girl or not. I warped my arms around him for comfort, feeling extremely vulnerable to the world. He sensed it, and knew what I needed. He held me in his arms, rocking me slowly and as I calmed down before pulling back a little and asked, ‘You ready for your nap-time bottle now? I think someone needs a nap after today’s events’. I nodded, a bottle sounded nice plus I didn’t feel like I was ready to be up or out anywhere in my diaper just yet.

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2 Responses to A Change

  1. angela says:

    i would love a daddy like that

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