Random thoughts

On my way to work today, I walked past a middle aged fella. He was scruffy around the chin and arms, Caucasian, blond haired and blue eyed, and leaning against a pole. As I approached him, I met his eyes briefly with the most peculiar look on his face, before I looked away. (Not sure why he had that look on his face.) Within the 5 meter radius that I walked toward and away from him, I managed to sneak in what it would be like if he were my Daddydom.

I could actually see it, he was.. the type. You know? We all have our ‘types’ of partners that we prefer and he kind of fell into that category for me. So much so that as I walked away, I had to do a double take over my shoulder…

So for that brief few moments, it was nice. Wistful. I hope I’m not looking or getting too desperate… Any of you can relate?



(PS: I am well aware that I’ve been contributing much less than Lara, but I’ve had a awful lot of issues going on in my adult life lately and simply do not/prefer not to deal with ABDL too much right now)

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