Closeness (A poem and a longing)

A soft kiss
A sweet whisper.
A brush of your rough fingers against my face.
Tilting my chin, staring right into my eyes.
The corners of your mouth raises and you pull me close.
Embracing me tightly against your body.
Warm, Cold. I shivered at the contrast in temperatures.
I was always cold, and alone. You were.. warm. giving. loving.
Everything I never had, never dared thought of, because I knew,
I was undeserving.
You held me fiercely, refusing to let go.
I laid my head blissfully against your chest,
content to be right here, right now,
next to your heartbeat.
Hearing it.. feels like a testament of how real this is.
How real you are.
I closed my eyes and deeply inhaled your scent
— the scent that always comforts me
because I know you’re here beside me no matter what.
Musk, woody, vanilla scented.
I couldn’t explain it.
It was manly yet with a hint of softness.
Just like the way you are.
Strong, dominant yet gentle when I’m at my most vulnerable.
I could lay here forever, and just forget the world.
As long as it’s with you.
Sometimes…, I just want to be held.
(by a man that I’m not even sure exists.)

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