A lil update

I apologize for the deadness of our blog. Holly and I have been consumed by school, but besides that, as of late our social (abdl) life hasn’t had much happening either.

I figured I’ll just post something I’ve written a while back to keep this blog going, it has a different pace from my earlier story, I hope you guys like it.


She opened the door to their house, feeling utterly defeated from the rough day she had at school. Dropping her bags loudly with a thud on the carpeted floor, while making her way to the living room and plopped herself down onto the sofa, sinking her body lower as she heaved a sigh.

He swivels his chair around from the study desk and raised his eyebrows at the frail figure who seem to be sliding off the sofa by the minute. Not saying a word, he got up and walked towards her, she was so zoned out that she barely noticed anything besides the aching sensation in her shoulders from carrying too much stuff.

He sat down on the sofa on the opposite end of where she was. He picked her up swiftly and sat her on his lap, leaning back. She gasped as she felt her feet being lifted off the ground and a look of confusion ran cross her face for a split second before he sat her down on his lap. “Oh” she mumbled as she found herself leaning on his chest at the end of it.

“Rough day huh?”, he looks down at her curiously with his hands folded behind his head. She could only nod and buries her head closer to his chest. He removes one hand from behind and runs it down underneath the plaid blue skirt she was wearing and slipped two fingers into the diaper he had put her in, earlier this morning before getting her dressed for class. It was still dry. It shouldn’t be.

He looks at her with a look of worry now, “Baby, you’re still dry, had you had anything to drink today?”. “Umm” shrugging her shoulders with her eyes closed, she mumbled “I don’t know, i dont remember, maybe a glass of ice tea?” His eyebrows furrowed in frustration, he knew his little girl always forgets to take care of herself when she gets too overwhelmed with work. Reaching out, he grabbed Ace who was on the arm chair just beside him, he placed the cherished stuff dog in her arms and slowly eased himself out underneath her, “i’ll be right back”.

He walked straight into the kitchen opened the fridge, pulled out a carton of milk, poured it into a kettle and set it to boil. While waiting for it, he opened the cardboards above and pulled out a baby’s bottle, pouring the warm milk into it before screwing the tip on.

He found her curled up into a fetal position when he got back to the living room and smiled, he pulled her gently into his arms and nudged the bottle into her lips. She groggily opened her eyes and looked at him and at the bottle that’s in front of her and begin to drink from it. One of the rules was when given a bottle she had to finish it regardless. She felt him stroking her hair as she drank greedily, she didn’t realized how dehydrated and thirsty she was till now.

His free hand moved slowly down to the white blouse she was wearing and begin to rub at one of her nipples. She whined as she felt him doing it. Ignoring her, he unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse and ran a finger over her left nipple pinching in a little. She squirmed in his lap while he teased her and looked up him a little frustrated, seeing her expression he grinned and begin to tease her even more.

She soon polished off and bottle and looked at him, “Daddy, what’re you doing?” “Mmm, just checking my little girl” he replied while rubbing her nipples with both of his hands now. She let out a whine as she wriggled around from pleasure while he had his way with her. Slowly she felt a strain on her bladder and started to get up, he pulled her back when he realized what she was doing, “Going somewhere?” “Mmm I have got to go potty daddy” she said in her little girl voice. “Mmhmm, did you ask daddy? did he say yes?” he gave her a light smack on her diapered bottom as he questioned her. She shook her head quickly and asked if she could go potty.

He straddled her as she asked, pinning her hands at the top of her head, while leaning his face down to her tits, “I’m not done with the checkup yet baby, so you just gotta hold on and show daddy you can be a big girl.”. He leaned down and licked her nipple taking it in his mouth, she writhed as he teased her, trying her hardest at the same time to hold it in but she really had to go. He trailed wet kisses down her to her abdomen and up again, lavishing attention to her breasts, coming up for a kiss once in a while. She felt a little pee leaked into the diaper, slowly streaming out before her bladder gave in and pee gushed out. She gasped as she felt it and looked at him pouting when she was done. He grinned and kissed her on the lips before sweeping her up in his arms and carrying her to the bedroom.

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4 Responses to A lil update

  1. Meg says:

    Fabulous little story! I share the exact same feelings as you do. All I want is a Daddy to protect and take care of me. Someone that doesn’t base the relationship on sex, but the fact that he loves me more than anything. This was a very cute story! 🙂

  2. Freckled-Peach says:

    This was absolutely amazing. Perfect imagery and wording. I’ve read this story over and over again, and it never fails to turn me on!

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