It’s been a while…

Howdy! (Not very little girl thing to say, innit..)

Wow.. I just had a look at our pageviews… We’ve hit 31k views for all time. That’s really nice. And we average out on a day to day basis pretty well. Thank you all. It means a lot that you bother to read our ramblings.

I’ve been well, on and off – big girl life has kept me extremely busy. I’ve been having the usual tangle with myself over my involvement with ABDL, but I’ve been managing it out quite well, and I’ll be still be around for a while, not to worry.

I have to announce that Lara has departed from the ABDL scene for a while (and It’s looking to be quite a while, if not forever) so it’ll be just me and you guys for now. I’ll be updating while I can but… Not sure what you guys want me to write on?! Please leave all suggestions in the comments!!

I’ve just been watching The 15-Stone Babies documentary on Youtube and I personally thought it was very well done. Maxine and Derek’s relationship is beautiful and they really have a good understanding of each other, which is what every intimate relationship should have. You can find their nursery here. The docu was shot and edited really well – kudos to all involved, especially the TV team. Clearly, British documentaries are better. 😉 Also, Derek looks like a very good daddy – I’m thinking about paying him a visit already!!! Hmmm..

This is part one of the doc – let me know what you think!


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2 Responses to It’s been a while…

  1. Joanne says:

    That program was very well put together looking at both the content and also the language used to describe what being ab/dl is Regards Jo (alg and proud of it!)

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