Making your little feel little

Oh, look! New spark of inspiration!! Taking advantage of it while I can. Here we go…

A reader emailed me a while back and as I was writing back, I came up on the topic of regression techniques. This has always piqued me, simply because our behaviour in general (outside of ABDL/ageplay) can be triggered so simply by words, even things like intonation and body gestures, and I have always been personally fascinated by such psychology. That sometimes it’s not so much on what you have on you, but what you do and what you say. And that fascinates me because it shows how much of our behaviour (especially regression, for me) is so much on mindset and variables playing to which to get you into that headspace.

I have the inclination of switching so when I take on the other role,  so I’ve been told that I have this knack of being able to put someone in their headspace well. And for a while I was trying to figure out what it is exactly, and still I don’t think I’m doing anything particularly outstanding, I think it’s because I know exactly what I want to be said to as a little, that makes me confident on what to say as a big. Simply to put yourself into a little’s shoes. And as your job goes for taking care of that little during the scene, you also play a huge role in the little’s perception of themself, too! I cannot empathize the importance of discussing before hand what your little is comfortable with and what she isn’t; also what your little may view as infantile/babyish may be vastly different from someone else so please discuss that too!

Things you can do to make your little feel littler:

1.  Removing privileges that aren’t age-appropriate to your little’s indicated age, and inserting things that are. EG: potty for toddlers, diapers for babies, diapers for toddlers who have trouble toilet training, pacifiers, age appropriate toys.

2. Emphasis on gender or how your little identifies. In this case if your little identifies as a little girl while regressed, she may want to have certain items that a little girl may have (Dresses, dolls, cooking toys, this may vary from person to person****) For me, I like going all out and being very girly – pink dresses, ribbons and bows, this makes me feel more in my regressed character.

3. Language and actions. Babytalk, little talk, cooing, forcefully taking your little to her time out corner by the hand, tickling… Try telling your little that she’s not allowed do big girl/adult things because of ____(eg:”You’re too little to use the potty, you need to stay in diapers because you’re still a little baby”) It even made me a little pink to type this out..

The possibilities are endless. Go for it! Daddies, what do you do to make your littles feel little? Littles, what would you want your daddy to do to make you feel little? Let me know in the comments below!



***** I don’t want to bring up the gender toy discussion here – this is speaking from my experience. PLEASE communicate with your little when before a scene on what she feels resonates with her idea of being little/gender!

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1 Response to Making your little feel little

  1. pix says:

    I am really quite happy i found this page, i haven’t all too long came out about being a little and it was a hard thing to admit but my little is very girly unlike big me. I love all i have read on here so much, so thankyou x

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