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A lil update

I apologize for the deadness of our blog. Holly and I have been consumed by school, but besides that, as of late our social (abdl) life hasn’t had much happening either. I figured I’ll just post something I’ve written a … Continue reading

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Closeness (A poem and a longing)

A soft kiss A sweet whisper. A brush of your rough fingers against my face. Tilting my chin, staring right into my eyes. The corners of your mouth raises and you pull me close. Embracing me tightly against your body. … Continue reading

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A Change

‘Nooooo!’ I shouted defiantly and crossed my arms as you had just told me that I was going to be put back in diapers for the unforeseeable future until I could prove myself as big girl. ‘I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Friends, lovers or Nothing.

So lately I’ve been thinking about this a lot, or rather more so recently after Holly and I had our heart to heart talks about.. what is it like being a little girl without a daddy. I am not going … Continue reading

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life rant

It’s hard balancing little girl time with my big girl life. These two sides of me are very much a singular part of me, if that makes sense. There is no big girl lara without the little girl lara. I … Continue reading

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Little girls and trust

Trust, one little word that goes a long way. Even though little girls and their daddies have a sub and dom relationship, but I feel like I cannot be owned or claimed. For a D/LG relationship to feel real, I … Continue reading

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Why a little girl? Everyone’s has a story.

-takes a deep breath- Okay, I am going to attempt to write this. Why out of all the fetishes and lifestyles, why abdl? Why a little girl?
 The thing is, we don’t get to choose, it chose us. From the … Continue reading

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